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Combatting the seasonal slump
Why the summer remains an effective time for lead generation

KNOWING WHEN YOUR leads are LOOKING TO BUY is crucial to getting your prospecting right.

throughout the year, different sectors have different active periods, bespoke to each company.

It's generally accepted that the summer months bring a lull in business. But you don't need to just sit back and accept it. Sure, you'll get highs and lows in your sales figures, but this isn't strictly restricted to summer, and you can certainly work around it.

So instead of succumbing to the notion that the holidays are a bad time for lead generation, you need to ask yourself, "what can we do to engage prospects the way they want to engage?".

In this guide, we focus on:

  • Identifying your business's most effective revenue-generating months.

  • How to shift your focus from closing sales to filling your lead generation funnel.

  • Sales and marketing activities to improve your lead generation.

Complete the form to download your copy and set your team up for a good lead generation effort over the holidays.