Poor quality data costs companies £10 million every year.

dATA IS CONSTANTLY CHANGING, So how do you cleanse your data so it stays useful?

For many, rather than serving as income-generating assets, databases only frustrate the sales and marketing teams working with them. To maintain order, databases should be cleansed regularly, multiple times a year in fact! The reality though, we all go far too long between tidying up our data. 

Data can become outdated from the day after it's purchased or checked. It makes sense when you think about how often people move jobs and numbers, emails and addresses change. Plus, don't forget about human error playing its part!

That's why we've put together GCL's Data Healthcheck. A comprehensive guide on how to evaluate the current health of your data, what you're looking out for and what you can do to return it to its former glory. We'll explore:

  • The data enhancement options available to you.
  • Which service or solution is right for your company.
  • The best practices for data cleansing.
  • How to purchase data the right way.

Complete the form to download your copy and transform your database into a useful lead generating asset.