As many as 88% of sales calls don't offer anything useful to the lead.

Your sales strategy is a blueprint for how you will deliver value and achieve success and growth.

Without a plan of how you will reach your sales targets, your team has no direction. A sales strategy looks to provide this guidance.

Essentially, your sales strategy outlines a process for each step of the sales journey, starting well before even getting in touch with a lead, all the way through to a purchase being made. To create a truly effective strategy, you need to really understand your customer. Know their challenges, preferred channels of communication, goals and how you can help achieve them.

This guide looks to outline the basics of creating a sales strategy so that you can set a solid foundation from which to build. Rather than creating a sales strategy that ‘fills-in-the-blanks’, create one which communicates value in every interaction. One that provides an objective measure of success, improves team performance, team productivity, and targetting efficiency.

In this back-to-basics guide, we'll investigate:

  • What is a sales strategy and what does yours need to cover?
  • How to build a successful strategy that keeps your entire team aligned. 
  • The way goals, data and messaging combine to create the basis of any sales approach.

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