generating leads is sometimes only half the battle

Handing over leads in the most efficient way is better for every team and everyone involved

What makes a good marketing lead doesn’t necessarily make a good sales lead and that can cause all sorts of issues. Sales are looking for contacts who are ready to buy, they're already engaged and want to be so! But oftentimes, they are sent leads who just don't fit the bill.

Marketing will have a different definition of what makes each type of lead, and this is where the confusion (and arguments) can arise. So how do you create peace and harmony between marketing and sales?

How to Convert MQLs into SQLs looks at these key issues and answers the questions:

  • What's the difference between an MQL and SQL?
  • Why do sales and marketing view leads differently?
  • How many prospects, leads, MQLs and SQLs need to be generated?
  • How do sales and marketing work best together?

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