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Re-energise your sales pipeline-1
Re-energise your sales pipeline
7 steps to build a healthy pipeline and convert leads to sales

A well-performing sales pipeline will enable you to consistently convert leads to sales, month after month.

and The good news? You can prevent Lead Attrition in just a few easy steps.

When it comes to the choice between a single lead or a bursting pipeline, most would choose the latter. After all, sales is a numbers game - the more leads in your pipeline, the more revenue you can expect, right? Not necessarily. You need to consider the health of your pipeline to get a true indication of how many leads will convert into customers.

As we see more and more projects regaining energy, we explore how you can manage the fruit of your lead generation efforts, through your pipeline, until they become customers. All whilst ensuring a steady stream of leads in future.

In this guide, we focus on:

  • How you can clean up your pipeline to remove false leads.

  • The questions to ask yourself if your leads are getting stuck on their journey to become a customer.

  • How to maintain and revive your pipeline for the future.

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